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Sometimes the larger a and older a dental filling is, the more likely it is to suffer minor disassociation with the local tooth enamel. This process is often accelerated by poor oral hygiene habits that cause tooth enamel demineralization.

As it continues to occur the bacteria in your mouth could gradually gain access the seam of the dental filling. Once this happens a new area of tooth decay can be established deep within the tooth near its sensitive core.

Early symptoms that this has started to develop could include worsening tooth sensitivity or a gradually building toothache.

If you’re experiencing any of these distressing symptoms, you need to seek timely attention from a professionally trained dentist like Dr. John Burkart.

If the tooth decay has gained access to the pulp or root of the tooth he might need to treat it by performing a root canal. This will remove all the infected materials and rebuild the structure of the tooth to provide a strong anchor point for an eventual crown.

If the tooth decay hasn’t significantly compromised the internal structure of the tooth he might simply be able to remove the bad filling and treat the tooth without performing a root canal.

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