13731 E Rice Pl #100, Aurora, CO 80015

13731 E Rice Pl #100, Aurora, CO 80015

Missing Teeth Creating a Gap in Your Smile? Not Anymore!

Losing a tooth can be exciting when you are a child because that means that your permanent teeth are coming in. However, when you lose a tooth as an adult, it’s not quite as exciting. Your permanent teeth are supposed to be that: permanent. That means they do not fall out on their own, but they can be knocked out or loose due to trauma, gum disease or other issues.

If you have lost a tooth or multiple teeth in a row, our team at Burkart Dental has a solution: dental bridges. When you look at a road or pedestrian bridge, it’s obvious that this bridge is filling the gap between two places. In addition, each end of the bridge has to be anchored into the ground for proper support. The same idea goes with dental bridges. When you have a missing tooth, there is a gap between your remaining teeth. Dental bridges are designed with a combination of metal framework, replacement teeth and a gum-like acrylic material to provide a natural-looking bridge between the remaining teeth. Not only that, but dental bridges are anchored in place on each end, just like a road bridge. However, instead of using steel posts, Dr. John Burkart uses dental crowns.

When you replace your missing teeth with a dental bridge, you not only get your smile back, but you also restore your ability to speak, eat and chew normally. You can also ensure that your bite force is evenly distributed across your mouth, preventing wear or cracks to occur. Missing teeth can also cause you loose your facial shape as your lips become more sunken. With our dental bridges in Aurora, Colorado, our dentist and team can restore the support your lips need to maintain their natural look.

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