13731 E Rice Pl #100, Aurora, CO 80015

13731 E Rice Pl #100, Aurora, CO 80015

Durable, Natural-Looking Restorations for Damaged Teeth

At Burkart Dental, we treat our patients like royalty. When you come to our practice, we make you the focus of our attention, and we work with you and your family to give you conservative, comprehensive care. While you may feel like royalty, we unfortunately do not have a crown for you . . . that is, unless you need a dental crown.

Because we care about our patients, we work hard to help you avoid developing dental decay or damage. However, we understand that there are some instances where decay or other damage may still creep up into your smile. When this happens, you can receive the pampered care of our dentist and team during your dental crown treatment.

Dental crowns are designed to replace a tooth from the gum line and up. Generally, dental crowns are recommended when a tooth has suffered from a great deal of decay, or if it has become cracked, broken or fractured in a way that a dental filling cannot fix. To complete your dental crown treatment, Dr. John Burkart will remove all damaged parts of your natural tooth. Next, he will take an impression of your smile and send it to a dental laboratory, where your customized crown will be created. In a couple of weeks, you will return to our office, and we will cement your crown over what remains of your natural tooth.

Because dental crowns are custom-made, you can rest assured that your restoration will have the same color, shape and size as your natural tooth. Now that’s care meant for royalty. If you would like to learn more about how our dental crowns in Aurora, Colorado, can improve your smile, feel free to contact us today at 303-693-7330.