13731 E Rice Pl #100, Aurora, CO 80015

13731 E Rice Pl #100, Aurora, CO 80015

Removing Damaged Teeth can Help Improve Your Oral Health

At Burkart Dental, we want all of our patients to keep their natural teeth throughout their life simply because we care about you and we want you to avoid all possible dental damage. We know that your teeth are designed to last a lifetime, but we also understand that not everyone can achieve that. Dental decay, infection and trauma can cause teeth to become damaged beyond repair, and in cases like this, a tooth extraction may be the best call.

A tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth, and Dr. John Burkart recommends extractions only when there is no other option to save the tooth. Generally, a tooth will need to be removed if it poses a threat to your remaining teeth or to your gums, and if other restorative treatments, such as root canal therapy or a dental crown, will not adequately halt the issue. If you do end up needing your tooth removed, our dentist and team will work with you to create a customized restoration that will replace your tooth and keep your smile both healthy and beautiful.

We know that it can be a difficult decision to say goodbye to one of your teeth. This is why our dentist and team work exceptionally hard to not only protect your smile but to provide gentle care during your extraction treatment. We will also provide you with any post-treatment instructions to ensure that your recovery goes smoothly.

If you are unsure as to whether you require a tooth extraction in Aurora, Colorado, we encourage you to contact our practice at 303-693-7330 and set up your consultation today.