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Procrastination. We all give in to it every once in a while. There are some things that are easy to put off because we do not see the immediate benefit of doing the thing. Conversely, there are some things that we should not put off even if we do not see the immediate need but because of the terrible consequences that might happen if we do not. Going to see your dentist twice a year should be put into that last category.

Your dentist can see the big picture of your oral health when you do not. The recommended time period between visits should only be 6 months, but the average patient only goes once a year. There are even worse attendance rates for people who have dental anxiety or poor dental insurance. The ultimate danger with neglecting regular dental visits is, of course, tooth loss. But there are even worse things that can be caught by regular checkups. Here are two of the best reasons for not neglecting the dentist.

Professional Cleaning – Your dental hygienist provides a service every six months by thoroughly cleaning your teeth and eradicating plaque and tartar. You cannot get your teeth this clean at home. Not only does he scrape the calcified bacteria-laden guck from your teeth, but he gives you a good flossing and polishing to keep the plaque from adhering for another 6 months. Usually, a fluoride treatment is given as well that strengthens your teeth.

Oral Screening – Then your dentist gives a thorough examination of your mouth to detect any potential problems in the future. An X-ray may be taken for a deep dive into your oral health. he is looking for signs of decay or gum disease, mouth sores, redness, swelling or receding. Catching issues early is a prime concern for your dentist. Serious problems like oral cancer is always something that the dentist will be on the look-out for. Your dentist is the first line of defense that you have against such potentials.

If you haven’t seen a dentist in over 6 months, don’t delay. Call Dr. John Burkart and our team at Burkart Dental. You can make an appointment at: 303-693-7330, or come by our office in Aurora, Colorado.