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Keeping your smile safe from the risks of bad breath include always treating and preventing any plaque buildup or bacterial manifestation that may be present. If you are suffering from any oral health ailments, they will need to be treated as well. To effectively keep your smile safe, limit unhealthy habits, improve your diet and make sure that you’re cleaning your mouth out daily.

Several unhealthy habits can give rise to bad breath. This includes smoking, chewing tobacco and using drugs. Limit these products not only for your oral health but for your physical health as well. Be aware that dietary foods such as garlic and onions can produce smells that mimic bad breath.

Your oral hygiene is one of the key foundations for your oral health care. To make sure that your teeth and gums are safe from the risks of bad breath, always make sure that you are brushing and flossing each day. Furthermore, make sure that you are keeping your mouth clean of any debris that may build up into plaque. The more you do to keep your smile clean, the better your chances are for of reducing risks associated with bad breath.

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